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  All Day Menu


Soups and Salads 


Soup of the day $5.00, OR Italian Wedding Soup $6.50
Garden Salad;
mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, carrots served with your choice of dressing (Ranch, Balsamic vinaigrette, or Dijon dressing) $6.00
Caesar Salad; Fresh romaine hearts, herbed croutons, parmesan, bacon $8.00
    Add 3oz Grilled Chicken breast $ 5.00 or Four Chilled Shrimp $6.00.
Greek salad;
Fresh romaine, cucumber, tomato, black olives, red onions and feta cheese tossed in our own vinaigrette $9.00    
     Add 3oz Grilled Chicken breast $ 5.00 or Four Chilled Shrimp

  Appetizers * Dinner surcharge $2.00 will apply after 4pm


Prosciutto with Apple:
Apple Slices, prosciutto, cucumber on a bed of mixed greens drizzled with a balsamic vinaigrette $8.25
Tomato Provolone: Tomato and provolone cheese upon a bed of greens, drizzled with balsamic dressing $8.50
Garlic Bread:  $5.00 with Cheese $7.00
Shrimp Cocktail: Five tiger shrimp served with a zesty cocktail sauce $11.00
Chocolate Chili Shrimp: Five tiger shrimp jump fried with chef’s signature chocolate chili sauce $12
Stuffed Sweet Pepper: Sweet pepper with a savory vegetarian rice stuffing served with a bed of marinara sauce $8.50
Jalapeno Poppers:
Six Battered jalapeno peppers filled with cream cheese, fried and served with a ranch dipping sauce $7.99
Chicken Fingers: Five seasoned and breaded chicken fingers served with carrot sticks $9.99. Add fries for $2.00
Calamari Rings:
Breaded fried calamari with a Cajun mayonnaise $9.99
Chicken Wings: 1lb. * $ 10.00   2 lb.* $19.00    Served with carrot sticks.
Crispy wings tossed with your choice of wing sauce. (mild, medium, spicy or honey garlic).
Mozzarella Sticks: Six with mild salsa sauce $7.00
Vegetarian Spring Rolls Six served with Thai sauce $7.00

  Sandwiches  (Available; 11:00am till 4:00pm) * Dinner surcharge $2.00 will apply after 4pm

All (Regular Priced) sandwiches served with soup or garden salad or fries
upgrade to Caesar for $2.50 or Greek salad $3.50
Ham Melt: Sliced black forest ham, tomato sauce, cheddar baked served open faced upon a Panini bun $11.00*
Club Kaiser: Sliced grilled chicken, tomato, lettuce, bacon, mayo on a Kaiser bun $11.00*
Tomato Cheddar Melt:
Pesto mayo and sliced tomato with melted cheddar served open faced upon a Panini bun $10.00*
Veal on a Bun:

Lightly breaded veal cutlet served open faced upon a Panini bun with sautéed peppers and onions $ 11.00*
Meat Ball Sandwich: Homemade meat balls served in a bun, with tomato basil sauce, sprinkled with parmesan $10.00*
Vegetarian Wrap:
Vegetables in our secret sauce, wrapped in a tortilla wrap $9.99*
 B.L.C.T. Wrap: Bacon, lettuce, cheddar, tomato with a mayonnaise, wrapped in a tortilla wrap $10.00

pizzas (Please allow 15-25 mins)

1.  “12” – Plain Double Cheese $13.50
2. “12“- Vegetarian” $15.50
(tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, onions, cheese)
3. “12“-Double Pepperoni / Cheese $14 .50
4. “12“-Thai Chicken $18.50
 spicy (diced chicken, red onion, peppers, Thai sauce and parmesan Cheese)  
5. “12” -Meat Lovers $16.50
(pepperoni, bacon, sausage ,cheese)

Extra toppings $1.50 each; bacon, sausage, pepperoni, ham, garlic, onion, tomato, sweet peppers, black olives. 
Extra Cheese(Three Cheese) $2.00   or    Extra Feta  $ 3.00


All Pastas are topped with cheese and served with Garlic bread; Extra cheese: $2.00

Fettuccini Alfredo: Fettuccini noodles tossed in our alfredo sauce $14.99
       Add 4oz Grilled Chicken breast $ 5.00 or Four Shrimp $6.00
Cheese Tortellini:   Cheese filled tortellini pasta tossed in a marinara sauce $16.99
Fettuccini with Meatballs: Fettucini noodles with meatballs tossed in a marinara sauce $17.99
Vegetarian Whole Wheat Penne:
Pasta, onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, tossed in a sundried tomato vinaigrette $18.99
Vegetable Rotini:  Rotini noodles with chicken, peppers, leeks, tossed in a pesto cream sauce $19.99

Dinner Main Course items will be served with your choice of rice pilaf or roasted potatoes, or fries and vegetables of the day, unless otherwise stated.

  $25.00, (Available after 4pm)
Includes: Soup or Garden salad and today’s Chef’s  Entrée Creation, and  Chef ‘s Dessert.
(not applicable with any other packages or special offers)

From the Land and Sea
Monte Carlo Chicken: Breast of chicken stuffed with provolone, peppers and wrapped with prosciutto, served with a Dijon rosemary cream sauce $19.00
Veal Scaloppini: Lightly breaded, and sautéed, finished with a tomato piquante sauce (spicy tomato) $18.00  
Sesame Chicken: Baked sesame crusted breast of chicken with a garlic pesto sauce $17.00   
Atlantic Salmon:
Atlantic Salmon wrapped in phyllo pastry, with feta cheese, black olives and spinach. Baked and served with a garlic cream sauce $21.00
Cajun Catfish: Catfish  fillet  with a Cajun cream sauce $19.00
Tiger Shrimp: Jump fried Shrimp tossed with mushroom, sweet peppers, scallion, pesto and garlic butter $19.00
(served on a bed of rice pilaf )

From the Grill
8oz New York Strip-loin
$26 -- With Pepper corn sauce $28.00
Add: Four sautéed garlic shrimp $6.00,  jumped fried mushrooms $ 2.25 or onions $2.25
Lamb Chops:  
Three- 2oz.  Lamb chops, grilled served with Dijon Garlic  au jus  $25.00
Mushroom Burger: Six-ounce charbroiled  beef burger with sautéed mushrooms on a Kaiser bun, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle served with fries. $12.00  
Add   Feta or Cheddar or Provolone cheese $2.00 extra.    Add Bacon $1.75 extra


Vegetable    $ 2.95     
Mushrooms $2.25 or  Onions $ 2.25
Rice pilaf or Side of roasted potatoes
$2.95Garlic Shrimp $ 6.00
Peppercorn sauce $2.95

Menu prices do not include HST or 15% gratuity.
For groups of 8 or more, a 15% automatic gratuity will be added.
Substitutions and or upgrades may be subject additional surcharges
Menu Prices Subject to Change